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美國Prime肉眼扒 (急凍) USDA Prime Rib Eye STEAK (Frozen) ~600g (21oz) - FEAST

美國Prime肉眼扒 (急凍) USDA Prime Rib Eye STEAK (Frozen) ~600g (21oz)

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  • 部位: 肉眼
  • 重量: 600克 (21安士),每塊約 1.5 吋厚
  • 口感: 鮮嫩且有彈性
  • 味道: 油脂充裕,肉味濃郁
  • 解凍: 建議使用前24小時存放於4℃或以下雪櫃內解凍
  • 建議烹調方式: 煎 / 烤 / 鐵板 / 韓燒 / BBQ (生熟度: 3-5成熟)

Prime Grade (極佳級) 為美國牛肉最高級別,肉質與脂肪分布最佳,少於2%的美國牛肉能到得到這個評級。Prime Grade 的牛肉取自42個月齡以下的年輕牛隻,具有豐富的大理石油花和柔嫩的肉質。肉眼靠近胸部的肋肌,中心部位有一塊明顯的油花就像眼睛一樣,因此有「肉眼」之稱。肉眼是最受歡迎的牛排部位,肉質鮮嫩,油花多而且分佈均勻, 肉組織較有彈性,肉味亦較濃郁。


  • Cut: rib eye
  • Weight: 600 grams (21oz)
  • Texture: tender and chewy
  • Taste: rich in fat, strong beef flavour
  • Defrost: suggest to defrost in a refrigerator at below 4℃ for 24hrs before use
  • Suggested cooking method: pan-fry / grill / teppanyaki / BBQ (doneness: medium rare - medium)

Prime Grade is the highest grade of American beef with the best meat quality and marble. Less than 2% of all beef produced in the United States will earn the top prime designation. Prime beef is produced from young, well-fed beef cattle under 42 months. It has abundant marbling and tender meat. Rib eye is the center best portion of a rib steak. It is the most popular steak cut, which is flavorful and tender, with abundant and evenly distributed marble.

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linda chan
USDA Prime Rib Eye STEAK (Frozen) 美國極佳級肉眼扒 (急凍) ~600 Grams / 21 Ounces.

I bought 2 pieces of USDA Prime Rib Eye STEAK (Frozen) 美國極佳級肉眼扒 (急凍) ~600 Grams / 21 Ounces.
I found the meat tasty and full of flavor. I will certainly buy this item again.